Year C – Ordinary Time- Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ – Corpus Christi – June 2, 2013 – Gospel Reflection

Genesis 14:18-20; Psalm 110:1,2,3,4; 1Corinthians 11:23-26; Lauda Sion; John 6:51; Luke 9:11b-17

We move from the mystery of God as Trinity, a community of life and love, which we entered at our baptism, to the mystery of the Eucharist, the ongoing presence of the risen Lord as food for the journey, a meal rich in blessing.  The readings place us at three meals, preparing us to participate more fully in our Eucharistic meal.  As with the meal the king-priest Melchizedek shared with Abraham, the Eucharist allows us to bless God for blessing us so abundantly with this great gift of the body and blood of God’s Son.  The two other readings present two important meals recorded in the Gospels.  The story of Jesus feeding a great crowd with five loaves and two fish is found in every Gospel.  Each highlights the fact that it is after Jesus blesses the food that all are fed with much left over.  However, it is at the Last Supper that the meal becomes its greatest blessing when Jesus’ words declare it his body and blood.  In eating and drinking this blessed food and drink, we enter into communion with the mystery of his body broken and blood poured out. 

When you count your blessings, is the Eucharist among them? 


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