Year C – First Sunday of Lent – February 17, 2013 – Gospel Reflection

Deuteronomy 26:4-10; Psalm 91:1-2, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 (R/. cf. 15b); Romans 10: 8-13; Matthew 4:4b; Luke 4:1-13

Food, fortune, fame – the temptations sound like categories from TV’s Jeopardy.  “Feed yourself, you’re starving,” Satan said.  After forty days of daytime heat and nighttime cold, Jesus could not have had much energy.  But it was not physical strength that was needed; it was strength of the spirit.  Jesus was not lacking that.  The Spirit has come down upon him at his baptism, had driven him into the wilderness, and did not abandon him now.  First temptation: Use your power to feed yourself.  Jesus’ answer: God’s word is my food.  There I find strength.  Second temptation: Bend the knee to me in exchange for all the kingdoms of the world.  Jesus’ answer: Only God deserves worship; the only kingdom worth having is God’s kingdom.  Third temptation: See if God is with you by throwing yourself off the temple.  Jesus’ answer: You do not test God; you trust God.  As Israel was tested in the desert, tempted to turn from the God who delivered them from Egypt, so Jesus is tested.  But Jesus, the new Israel, the beloved Son, trusts his Father.  That Spirit who was with Jesus during his testing is with us today.

Where do you place your trust?


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